How to get American citizenship?

The palm of priority in terms of the level of migration attractiveness belongs unconditionally to the United States of America.
What does American citizenship give? For permanent US residents, US citizenship provides a number of additional opportunities, such as:
participation in political life, benefits for local education, the possibility of employment in US companies, social support,
access to unsecured lending, protection from deportation, visa-free entry into 172 countries.
However, the number of US residents significantly exceeds the number of people who have real chances to become full members
this highly developed society.
The main prerequisites for obtaining American citizenship are the presence of a green card, marriage with a US citizen, American citizenship by birth, service in the US Army’s military, direct investment in the economy.
Let’s consider each of them in more detail.
So, a green card is a document that allows foreign citizens to stay on an ongoing basis, receive education,
work in the United States. The government annually conducts a lottery drawing to increase
migration flows to the country and the preservation of the multinationality of the population, establishing two necessary requirements for participants, namely: the availability of education and two years of experience in the specialty.
In the case of an officially registered marriage with a US citizen for a period of at least three years, the resident has the right to obtain citizenship,
provided that the marriage will not be terminated during the naturalization procedure. In this case, the actual time of immigrant stay on the territory of the United States must be at least 18 months.
American citizenship by birth provides for the possibility to automatically obtain American citizenship for all children born in a given territory, incl. with the illegal stay of their parents in the United States.
The norms of the legislation on citizenship predetermine the possibility of filing a petition by servicemen after a year of service in the army.
This category of applicants is exempt from payment of duty fees. The interview and the taking of the oath take place according to the deployment of troops.
Becoming an owner of an American passport is also possible in the case of direct investment in the economy. The minimum volume of investments is $ 100 thousand for the development and management of business in the United States, with 50% ownership of the local company.
American legislation clearly defines the conditions for acquiring citizenship for immigrants:
1) age qualification – from 18 years and above;
2) sufficient level of knowledge of English;
3) the minimum period of possession of the green card is 5 years, and the physical stay in the country is not less than 30 months from 5 years;
4) residence in the state territory, where the application for citizenship will be submitted, not less than 3 months;
5) knowledge of the state structure and history of the USA;
6) the presence of high moral qualities;
7) loyalty to the US Constitution.
The applicant must go through all the stages of naturalization – the legal procedure by which a resident can become a US citizen.
Let’s single out 4 main steps in the naturalization procedure:
Step 1-st. Preparation and submission of application for naturalization. The Citizenship and Immigration Service accepts the N-400 form from the candidates.
Step 2-nd. Check for convictions. Applicant undergoes the procedure of removing biometric data for a full check
in one of the centers for working with applications.
Step 3-nd. Examination of American citizenship.
First of all, the employee of the Service voices the purpose of the interview, followed by verification of the identity card, the facts from the autobiography, the actual place of residence and the length of stay in the United States.
Questions on American citizenship include knowledge of history, the foundations of the economy, political arrangement of America, branches of government and their destination.
The test for American citizenship includes checking the level of the candidate’s English language.
Questions and answers to US citizenship are submitted in the form of tests, the total number of which is 144, the minimum acceptable level of correct answers should be at least 100.
Step 4-th stage: Oath. In case of successful passage of all steps of naturalization, the invitation of the candidate follows
at the solemn ceremony of taking the oath of allegiance to the United States. At this event, an envelope with a congratulation from the president, an almanac of a citizen, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, an application for obtaining a passport of a US citizen is presented.

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