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Knowledge of any foreign language, in particular English, is an indisputable advantage, regardless of what kind of activity is engaged by the one who owns it and how it uses its knowledge. Even if a person who knows English is not going to travel abroad, he can regularly face the need to have sufficient knowledge for his work, especially if his work is connected, for example, with IT technologies, marketing and many other areas.

Few adults can say that they are confident in English, even if they once had a high mark on it at school or at a higher educational institution. When there is an objective need to deepen your knowledge of English (for example, the prospect of a highly paid job), many often turn to various training centers to take a course of study, or try to learn English independently using the means available to them: textbooks or any computer programs, viewing video films in English. For those who spend most of their time at work, it’s not so easy to allocate free time to attend language courses (not all courses have evening groups that you can attend after work), and self-training requires high motivation and some control over the knowledge gained.

Thanks to modern computer technologies, anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the English language has the opportunity to study at any time convenient for him, using the resources of the Internet to allow them to take an English course online. Typically, English online includes such exercises as the development of passive vocabulary, work on basic categories of language, the study of colors, numbers and much more. For students, such resources are not only useful from the point of view of learning something new, but also help to repeat the material that has already been traversed. Similar practices are embedded in almost every online English course.

What is English online?

This method of learning English can be called the most modern and convenient. It allows you to learn English at a suitable time for the student, using a convenient and interesting form of training.

Learning English online can take the form of:

Educational video lessons.
Articles on English grammar and spelling.
Games in English.
Watching movies in English (with or without subtitles).
A variety of forms of testing on-line.
Similar online English courses, of course, give a certain result, allowing at least to expand the passive vocabulary, remember the pronunciation of words, the correctness of which is often questionable, but they do not give the profound knowledge of English that is necessary for those who plan to travel abroad for training or work . In addition, such an independent study of English is ineffective for those who do not have a knowledge base of the language that the secondary school program provides.

Our interactive platform allows you to teach English online under the guidance of experienced, qualified teachers, taking into account in their work such a criterion as the student’s level of knowledge.

The advantages of our English courses online:

Saves time. It is not necessary to find time, to get out of work in order to visit the training center, where English courses are held.
Training, fully meeting the level of knowledge already available to the learner, as well as the goals he sets for himself by studying the language.
The opportunity to choose a convenient time for training, when the student is maximally tuned to the learning process and readily accepts the information.
English lessons online are designed in such a way that the student can master the maximum information, not the charter and without losing interest in learning.
If the purpose of learning English is to pass international exams that assess the level of English proficiency among citizens for whom this language is not native, you can be trained for them using our interactive platform. Qualified teachers not only help you to deepen your knowledge, but also help you understand the technique of testing.

The interactive platform “Lingua Seven” also gives the opportunity to learn English online for those who need to deepen their knowledge of the language in the field of business. For this purpose, our site has a business English course that allows you to master English for business communication without much effort.

Using our platform to learn English, you can choose a training program not only for adults, but also for children. Easy to learn children’s lessons, built so that the child does not get tired and did not lose interest in the learning process, providing him with ease of understanding and memorizing the material he traversed.


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