English in groups

How many methods of learning foreign languages ​​would not exist nowadays, still most people prefer to learn English in a group. Why? The answer is quite simple: as in the old adage, one head is good, but two is better.

What is the secret of successful language learning? Constant repetition, good presentation of material, enthusiasm for learning. All these three components easily combine group lessons in English. The social function of the language itself already suggests that it is necessary to study it in socially comfortable conditions. In other words, if you are speaking a foreign language with people, then you will achieve success by studying it with people, not online tutorials or ancient textbooks.

In the group, you have the opportunity to immediately hear several points of view on the material being studied, which can greatly help in the learning process. In addition, English in the group is absorbed faster even if only because the material is repeated several times by different people. Of course, in your head, your own associations are born that help you remember what you’ve gone through, but you will be surprised to find out how much new you have learned thanks to your classmates.

Individual lessons are an individual approach. But the work in the group also does not exclude such an approach. At any convenient moment you can ask for the help of at least a teacher, even classmates. Moreover, sometimes the questions that torment you can be voiced by others. And sometimes they voice those questions that you have not even had time to think about.

At the same time, a method is chosen that would be convenient for each student. That is, a lot of time the teacher spends on making the lessons as universal as possible and taking into account the opportunities and interests of everyone in the group, including yours. Plus, you will benefit from the fact that you need to adapt to certain learning conditions, because in real life, as in the colloquial situations simulated on the courses, it’s up to you with your level of language knowledge to adjust.

The more attractive is the English in the group, so this is because it really gives birth to a healthy enthusiasm in the student to learn. Not the least role is played by the everyday human desire to compete with others. Yes, and trite from the point of view of psychology, fear is one of the strongest motivators, and many are frightened by the opportunity to be worse than others. Because the presence of other students in class is also a good push in the back, urging you.

Learn English in company or without – choose you. The main thing, of course, is your desire to learn, which is the key to success.


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