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«Lingua Seven» is an interactive platform for studying English and it has managed to gain English learners’ confidence all over the world. Our mission is “To make learning easy and fun.” For that very reason the interactive platform «Lingua Seven» is designed to make the perception system of  a foreign language easier, and our teachers will do their best so that you can master a foreign language as soon as possible and achieve your goals.

English by Skype

The time for self-development in the modern world is less and less, because after a long working (or academic) day, you just want to rest. However, later we regret that we spent this time on nonsense, and not on something really important. For example, to study foreign languages.

That’s why the English language is now in great demand by Skype, an absolutely simple method of teaching, which does not require a student a lot of time or high expenses. All you need to do is connect to the Internet and call the teacher. To do this, not even a computer is required. Modern technology helps to learn English on skype using a tablet or even a smartphone. The main thing is to install the software on them beforehand.

Although, of course, no less important aspect is an explanatory English tutor for Skype. Although live, though through the Internet, but whoever leads you will play the most important role in the process of learning the language. It depends primarily on your attitude to the process, which in the end will affect how quickly and qualitatively you learn new knowledge.

For example, the classical model and the study of English through Skype a little bit do not tie in with each other. Because you pretend that you are in a virtual classroom, while at home, you will not be able to. The home environment still leads to more relaxation. At the same time it plays against you and against you. On the one hand, in a relaxed state, one does not really want to study, on the other hand, right now it is possible to approach the process less formally and with great pleasure to learn new knowledge.

That’s why an English teacher on Skype should own own tutoring technique, less formal than in the classical version. It can be just conversational lessons, and maybe even reading prose and poetry, but in any case with the help of such online communication it’s absolutely realistic to get on a very good vocabulary. After all, it is the vocabulary given to students is often the most difficult. To achieve significant success in this area, they are looking for English lessons on skype with the carrier. This gives the effect of switching off, even for an hour or two, from the native language environment and breaking language barriers in a foreign language.

But, of course, in addition to lexical oral exercises, you will also be engaged in writing, grammar. In this case, no one will drive you and if necessary, you will immediately help to cope with the material you do not understand.

By the way, it is often possible to learn English on Skype not only at home, but also at work. Say, at lunchtime. Even several sessions of 45 minutes a week already give a good result in a few months. In this case, in fact the student does not spend any additional time for training.

In addition, an important advantage of this method of teaching is already that the teacher devotes his time to you all the time. Group sessions, of course, will continue to be popular, but for a busy person they can find several shortcomings at once. First, they are less effective – the attention of the teacher is distributed among all participants of the group. Accordingly, the results though will let know about themselves, but not as quickly as we would like. Secondly, group classes always have a fixed time, and it is difficult for a busy person to foresee their own plans for weeks ahead. Thirdly, the courses still have a fixed place, which again is not always physically convenient.

At the same time, learning English via Skype does not have all these limitations. Moreover, financially it is more profitable than group lessons or individual classes in language schools. And it’s important to remember that by using Skype you can “test” as many teachers as you need to find the ideal teaching methodology for yourself. And thus again your choice will not be attached to a place or time of employment.

Individual approach includes the ability to choose topics for personal study. From school, you probably remember until now that London is a capital of Great Britain, so why waste time on the material that has long been passed and mastered? Also, the individual approach is that the tutor constantly tracks how fast you develop and change your methods, adjusting to your needs and opportunities. And the schedule of classes you can change already in the course of training, based on their employment.

By Skype you can learn new vocabulary, understand grammar, delve into new rules, learn business English or even prepare for TOEFL or IELTS. Many teachers often offer a trial free lesson so you can evaluate the program that they have prepared for you. By the way, the assessment of the level of knowledge of the language is also mostly free.

Perhaps you are frightened by the online effect in this way of learning English. However, it is worth looking around – money has long been “moving” to the Internet, we are increasingly doing online shopping, we spend less time in front of TV or in cinemas, enjoying serials and movies on a computer or tablet. So why should not learning go to a new level? Especially since you are not using a self-instruction manual, but a living support of the teacher, even though you are sometimes at a distance of thousands of kilometers from each other.

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